ELID Card Dispenser/ Ticket Dispenser

Car Park Management System
Card Dispenser/Ticket Dispenser car parking access control system allows the user to use either the card or ticket issued by the system to access the parking area. For temporary visitors, only tickets will be issued. However, cards can still be issued to selected temporary visitors and also VIP clients. VIP clients can also opt for prepaid VIP cards. For temporary visitors, they need to press the button to get a card/ticket at the entrance and the barrier gate will automatically open. For VIP clients, they just need to swipe the card on the machine for access. There are two types of payment, central payment and exit payment.
    • Working temperature: -30 ℃ - +74℃
    • Power consumed: 100W
    • Power supply: 220V/110V
    • IC card reading distance: 5-15cm
    • Offline data storing capacity: 20000 piece(expandable)
    • Card dispenser capacity: 250-350 piece/300-400 piece
    • Communication: TCP/IP
    • Material: A3 steel T=2.0mm
    • IP: IP54


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