ELID Bollard Barrier

Bollard Barrier
  • Intelligent programming control: one controller can control 1-8 bollards at the same time and can also control one or several lifting bollards separately.
  • After bearing 100 tons of vehicles, it can be use normally.
  • Solid and durable structure, large bearing capacity, smooth running with low noise.
  • With PLC control, the system operation performance is stable and reliable, easy to integrate.
  • Linkage control can be carried out between the lifting bollards and other equipment’s such as the road gate and can also be combined with other control equipment to realize automatic control
  • In case of power off or fault, if the lifting bollards is in the rising state and needs to be lowered, the lifting bollards can be lowered to the ground manually to allow vehicles to pass.
  • With 3M diamond grade reflective membrane and the reflective rate can reach more than 85%
  • With the international leading low-pressure hydraulic pressure drive technology, the whole system is safe, reliable and stable.
  • Remote control device: by the wireless remote control, it can control the lifting bollards within 30 meters around the controller (depending on the on-site radio communication environment)
    • Bollard Material: SUS304 stainless steel
    • Bollard Thickness: 6 mm
    • Bollard Diameter: 168 mm
    • Lifting Height: within 600 mm
    • Rise/Fall Speed: 4s up/3s down
    • Input Voltage: AC220V/AC380V
    • Motor Power: 350W
    • Control Mode: remote control/button wired control/ license plate recognition/ mobile APP remote control (optional)
    • Temperature: -30 ~70C. soaking in water can work normally.
    • Waterproof Level: IP68, diving level
    • Box size: 380 * 325 * 1100 mm
    • Emergency Power Off: with battery, columns can be remotely lowered
    • Extended Function: traffic light (optional)


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